Berlitz language instruction and business skills training

Job advancement or personal interest are just a few of the many reasons for learning a new language or enhancing your communication skills. Whatever your goals, Berlitz can help you meet them—at your convenience. Whether you prefer to learn with face-to-face instruction at a Berlitz Language Center or live online training through the Berlitz Virtual Classroom®, interactive online self-study or blended options. All our courses are based on our proven-effective instructional method and 130 years of global experience.

Instruction in languages spoken around the world

Berlitz offers a comprehensive range of language instruction programs to meet your schedule and learning goals. Berlitz instruction is available for English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Italian —more than 50 languages spoken across the globe. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced speaker, our highly trained, native-fluent instructors are dedicated to your success and will help to build your confidence and keep you motivated.

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Language programs for kids and teens

Childhood is the easiest time to learn a language. Berlitz offers a wide range of language learning programs for children, which are designed to practice, speak and stimulate learning English.

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Business communication training to help advance your career

In a global marketplace, the ability to communicate is critical. In addition to language instruction, Berlitz offers a range of training programs designed to increase your business skills: linguistic, intercultural and management. These programs are available on multiple delivery platforms, so you can choose the one that best fits your learning style and schedule.

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When you choose Berlitz, you can expect:

  • Multiple platform delivery—face-to-face; online; self-study; or blended options.
  • Proven-effective Berlitz Method® of language instruction.
  • Personal attention and customized programs.
  • Flexible and innovative programs.
  • High-quality course materials.
  • Private and small group instruction.
  • Corporate language instruction and testing.

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